General Description

An Internship is a temporary, unpaid, position where a student is paired with a professional in the community (A WHS professional could serve in this role) in order to gain practical experience in an occupation or profession.

  • Grade Level: 11 and 12
  • Credit: 1-2 Credits per trimester
  • Grading: Grade based on ELO Department Competencies
  • Off Campus?: Yes
  • Attendance Taken?: No
  • Title in PowerSchool: ELO: Internship
Getting Started

Once you’ve filled out the ELO Request Form and have been approved for an internship, you will need to do the following:

    • Fill out the ELO Agreement Form and have it signed by:
      • Yourself
      • Parent/Guardian
      • Guidance Counselor
      • ELO Coordinator
      • Grade Level Administrator
      • may be required
    • Meet with the ELO Coordinator to discuss your goals and choose a community partner.
    • Once the community partner is chosen and approved, you will
    • need to attend the initial meeting
    • with the community partner to
    • review expectations
    • Complete the Community Partner Agreement Form at the initial meeting.
    • Fill out the Off Campus
    • Permission Form and have
    • it signed by a parent/Guardian.
    • If your Internship includes a one
    • time job shadow that impacts your other classes, you are required to:
Required Components


For your Internship, you will be required

to reflect on your experience. Reflection allows you to control your own learning

by discussing what you are experiencing with your ELO Coordinator and making necessary changes to meet your learning goals.

You will need to review the Reflection Form with your ELO Coordinator.

For more information, go to the REFLECTIONpage of this website.


During your internship research is naturally built into your experience by observing and learning from your Community Partner. You will also need to do additional research as you develop your final product. This can include but not limited to:

  • Online research related to the career field you are focusing on.
  • Print or online resources recommended by your Community Partner.
  • Informational interview with your Community Partner
  • Other interviews with related Community Partners.

You will need to review the Research Form with your ELO Coordinator.

For more information, see the RESEARCH page of this website.


Internships require that you develop a tangible product that demonstrates your learning experience. When possible, you will be asked to develop a product that “gives back” to your Community Partner. For example, developing an unique lesson plan for the elementary teacher you are interning for.

You will need to meet with your ELO Coordinator to discuss your final product and review the Product Form.

For more information, go to the PRODUCT page of this website.


Throughout your Internship, you will be assessed on the progress you are making on your:

  • Reflection
  • Research
  • Product

Your final assessment grade is based on the ELO Department Competencies.

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