The student applies the ongoing research of the ELO experience to the evaluation and presentation of issues that arise, and the decisions made as their experience progresses.

WHAT is it and WHY do we do it?

Participating in an ELO is a chance to engage in a meaningful,

real-world learning experience that allows you to think critically, problem solve and engage with others. Research is an integral component of an ELO. It brings your subject to life and often

allows you to work closely with professionals in the field you have chosen. Research requires you to purposefully take on a topic, diligently work on it, and sharpen your deductive reasoning and communication skills which will benefit you throughout your educational and life experiences.

You will need to meet with your Lead Teacher and/or ELO Coordinator to discuss your methods for research.

Research Information and Rubrics

Examples of Research Methods

  • Utilizing and referencing professional publications/resources
  • Participating in job shadows/internship experiences
  • Conducting informational interviews
  • Utilizing and referencing YouTube videos
  • Utilizing and referencing News Articles
  • Utilizing and referencing Online/print
  • Creating an annotated resource list
  • Documenting research weekly through reflective journaling

Web Resources

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