The goal of the ELO program is to provide a pathway for students to design their own meaningful and

relevant learning experiences by meeting their diverse learning styles, talents, and interests.

Your child has expressed an interest in an ELO experience. These experiences may be scheduled during the school day, after school, weekends, or during school vacations depending on the nature of the work and the student’s schedule.

To learn more about ELOs, watch this 15 minute video, “Students at the Center: Extended Learning Opportunities at Pittsfield Middle High School.” Pittsfield Middle High School is located about one half hour northeast of Concord, NH.


If the ELO involves time spent with a Community Partner, your son/daughter is expected to be responsible for going to his/her ELO site unless other arrangements have been made and the Community Partner has been contacted regardless of when it is scheduled. It is the expectation of WHS that your son/daughter will gain useful knowledge of the field in which they will exploring and conduct themselves in a professional manner. All school rules and behavior expectations stated in the handbook apply to the ELO. It is expected that if your child drives to the site, he/she will leave and return to school as scheduled. Your son/daughter will be required to sign in and out at the front office whenever leaving and returning to the building. You understand that, if a student will be working with a Community Partner, the student will be covered under the District’s insurance carrier, PRIMEX, as long as they travel directly to and from the ELO site, and do not transport peers to and from their ELO site.

By signing the ELO Agreement Form (and any additional forms) you are agreeing to allow your child to participate in an ELO.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a question or concern.

Donna Couture

Extended Learning Coordinator

Winnacunnet High School


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