Types of ELOs

ELOs are learning experiences that happen outside of the traditional classroom setting.

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Types of ELOs

Service Aide

Service Aides are learning experiences where students provide assistance to a classroom teacher. Duties can include, but are not limited to, assisting in the classroom, technology support, creating & maintaining visual classroom displays and lesson preparation. This experience is an especially valuable experience for students interested in a future career in education.

Independent Coursework

Independent Coursework is helpful for students who would like to continue to take a repeatable course but cannot fit the course into their schedule. For example, a student who wishes to continue to write for Winnachronicle but is unable to take the course at its scheduled time.

Career Exploration

Career Exploration is an opportunity for a student to investigate a specific occupation or career path. This learning experience requires the student to conduct independent research, informational interviews with professionals and job shadows when appropriate.

Advanced Study

Advanced Study is an experience for students who complete a course or series of courses and would like to continue to advance their learning in that subject area when there isn’t a scheduled course available. For example, a student who would like to continue beyond Jewelry 2 or Latin IV.


An Internship is a temporary, unpaid, position where a student is paired with a professional in the community (A WHS professional could serve in this role) in order to gain practical experience in an occupation or profession.

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning, or PBL, is a learning experience where the student gains a deeper knowledge and broader skills by investigating a topic of their choice. Students actively explore real-world problems and respond to complex questions and challenges. This will often require the student to draw upon previous coursework and apply it in a very practical way to their project. PBL’s will usually require a community partner.

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