The student clearly communicates the entire ELO experience, including both the process and the learning, in a manner that is appropriate to the experience and the audience.

WHAT is it and WHY do we do it?

Some ELOs will require you to prepare a presentation that summarizes your learning experience and introduce your unique product. Presenting your ELO will not only help you reflect on how the entire experience went but it will also help you draw connections between what you learned and your future career and life goals.

Presentation Information and Rubrics

Web Resources

Examples of Presentations and Methods

  • Demonstrations
  • Narrated Video Presentation
  • Create a Prezi, Powerpoint or Google Slide
  • Taste Testing
  • Create a Poster Display
  • Product Demonstration (Food, Play, etc.)
  • VoiceThread
  • Teach a Lesson
  • Dramatic Presentation

Below is an example of a VoiceThread a student created for her PBL in Business.

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